15th April 2021 

Dating & relationships workshops/mastercalsses for women & men

Dating & relationships can be a real headache for a lot of you. Especially when you are the struggling to make sense of it all. It's so easy to get onto a slippery slope and before you know it, your relationship is in a crises or is it, you just can't seem to go from dating into a relationship. To have a relationship that works well their are parts of yourself that you will need to develop.

Early patterns of relating, social and cultural condoning, as to what it means to be a women or a man, can you leave you ill-equipped emotionally to make relationships work. As a women on your 2-day workshop you will learn:

- To become aware of family, cultural and family conditioning and start letting it go
- To become an assertive women that can set boundaries with ease
- To define your deal- breakers in a relationship
- To be able to access your softer feminine side and enjoy being in a relationship
- To understand the fundamental differences between how women & men communicate in relationships
- To have a clear roadmap of you can make a relationship work

As a man on your 2 -day workshop you will learn:

- To redefine what its means to be a man by letting go of social, family & cultural conditioning around male stereotypes
- Learning to be emotionally intelligent in relationships
- Understanding how fundamentally different men & women communicate in relationships
- How vulnerability can be a strength rather than a weakness in relationships
- Having a clear roadmap of how you can make a relationship work

All workshop are limited to 6-8 participants so that you have time to really take in the concepts and process them. Currently the workshops are online.
Cost for the workshop: 450 pounds
Next workshop for women - 10th/11th April : 10am-4pm on both days
Next workshop for men - 17th/18th April : 10am - 4pm on both day

Please call on 07961297027 or email [email protected] to book the workshop or to discuss any queries you might have.

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