18th July 2024 

Executive Coaching and Business Consulting

In a tough business environment, it’s important to have your eye on the ball with a clear strategy and plan for growth. Developing your people will improve your chances of success, especially when everyone’s aiming for the same goal.

Optimise Your Business

Whether you're looking for some small enhancements to make your business more efficient or a complete change management programme, my team and I will tailor a plan for you.​

The team have completed full change programmes as well as smaller scale improvements for a variety of companies, from a multi-national fashion brand to medical clinics, film, media, recruitment and events companies.

Leadership training

We offer leadership development, including Executive Coaching for your leadership team, supporting you to deliver successfully on training and development goals for your people and the company.

We understand that leaders need specific guidance, which we approach through both coaching and workshops. We focus on key skills such as emotional intelligence to develop confident and empowered leaders.

Corporate Retreats

Have you considered a corporate retreat? Your executive team can get away from the hectic work environment to the tranquillity of a retreat space to focus fully on leadership development training.

Find out about luxury retreats with our partners in Greece.

You can contact the team at My Best Retreat or use the details below so that we can help you.

​Supporting you through change

A key part of any change programme is supporting leaders and staff to deal with that change by engaging them and listening to their concerns. Where appropriate, we bring all the staff together, through workshops and forums, to help them deal with issues and transition smoothly.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements

In consultation with you, we tailor our approach to suit your needs and specific goals.

Once we understand your needs and what you want to achieve for your business, the team will guide you through the process to identify issues, formulate an action plan and implement it successfully.

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