18th July 2024 
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Enjoy a successful intimate relationship as a couple

Intimacy with another person leaves us feeling secure and nurtured.

Being able to be intimate as a couple means that you can show your partner all aspects of yourself. This can be scary, so you may only show them the good things about yourself and try and hide those things which you don't like so much.

How a relationship works

A relationship will go through various stages. In the beginning you can get away with showing just your good side, and not showing all of yourself. As time goes on, you get closer to your partner and you are required to give more of yourself. The extent to which you can do this determines whether the relationship will grow.

One of two things may happen. You might give more of yourself than you need and not ask for enough in return, which leads to resentment and frustration. Or your partner might ask you to give more of yourself, which you may take as them being demanding.

Recognizing what your needs are and asking for them to be met can be very difficult for some people. You expect your partner to know what is lacking for you.

If you are a couple, stuck in a situation that’s not working, you need to take action by talking to each other. This is where I can help you.

I use an integrative approach to therapy, which means that I work holistically, taking in all aspects of you as individuals and a couple, drawing on a number of psychotherapy disciplines.

The integrative psychotherapy and counselling approach I use can help you address dilemmas such as:

  • I feel like he/she never listens to me

  • I have told him/her how I feel and even though they promise to change, they revert back to the same behaviour

  • I feel like he/she does not give me enough attention but I dare not ask or I will come across as needy

  • we have been together for 2 years and he/she still has not talked to me about a more serious commitment

  • my partner wants to spend time alone with me but I love socializing and as a result I end up feeling suffocated, but if I say anything I will upset him/her.

    Are any of these dilemmas familiar to you?

    I can help you understand why you are both stuck and feeling unhappy, and take action to resolve your relationship issues.

    Couples therapy can range from 6 to 12 sessions. In some cases more therapy may be required.

    Feel free email me or call on 07961 297027 to make an appointment.