27th June 2022 
Women. women

Start taking control of your life and relationships

As a woman it’s your nature to be caring, loving, sensual, and giving, amongst many other beautiful qualities. These are powerful traits and once you allow them to be there, then you can access your masculine side.

In developing your masculine side, you will be able to draw on qualities that help you to assert yourself in tricky situations. You'll be able to confidently say 'NO' when that's what you mean.

This in turn will increase your self-esteem and allow you to be fully in touch with yourself as a woman.

In time, with my guidance and help, you will be able to strike that balance between your feminine and masculine energies so that you feel more powerful and confident.

As a psychotherapist in London W1, I use an integrative approach to therapy, which means that I work holistically, taking in all aspects of you as a person, drawing on a number of psychotherapy disciplines.

The integrative psychotherapy and counselling approach I use can help you:

  • to reconnect with your true feminine power

  • access your masculine energy to assist you in being assertive and find balance between your own masculine and feminine energies

  • develop your intuition and choose the people you want in your life, including the right partner

  • attract and stay in a rewarding relationship

  • handle dominating men in the work-place and stay in control

  • gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a woman.

    Allowing your feminine sensual energy to be there, and embracing it, is a process which begins a journey of developing your independence as a woman.

    Dimitri also runs a 2 day intensive workshop/masterclass to help you as a woman to connect with your fierce & feminine side so that you can create boundaries, set your deal -breakers but also allow your softer feminine side to come out so you can draw the right man towards you. The workshop is limited to only 8 participants so make sure you book early. Check the workshops page for our next online 2- day event.

    Feel free to email me or call on 07961 297027 to make an appointment. My practise is located in Marylebone so very suitable if you work in W1 and the surrounding areas.