25th February 2018 


Dimitri is a patient and intelligent counsellor, who works to gain trust and build a safe environment before exploring issues. In this context I was able to reconcile issues that had been haunting me for decades and understand the root causes. With Dimitri's help we were able to identify ways of not repeating harmful and destructive patterns, and find strength through a more calm and peaceful approach. He has been incredible and life changing

Dimitri enabled me to stop inhibiting myself and get in touch with my core values and dreams. By exploring within and losing my unknown inhibitions - I have started living my life with my goals in mind each and every day; and more importantly work towards them.

Dimitri was able to allow me to define my masculinity in a non-aggressive and sensitive way. I was able to understand the dynamics of my relationship much better, communicate my inner conflicts and establish personal boundaries more effectively.

I faced a particularly stressful legal situation - and Dimitri was able to give me the strength and courage to stand up for myself when my stress had led to a complete shut down. He led exercises both to role-play in the stressful moments and to find peace outside the events taking place. I'm convinced without him things would have turned out for the worse.

( AK, Primrose Hill )

Seeing Dimitri was my first experience with a counsellor and one I'd highly recommend. Not only is he extremely likeable, his approach is both intuitive and intelligent. The process was life changing. He taught me how to open up, how to be more assertive and he helped unravel a lot of past and personal issues. It wasn't always a comfortable process, but he challenged me in the right way and I always felt supported and motivated.

(AM, Central London)